Cognitive Systems Engineer

Resilient Cognitive Solutions

Pittsburgh, PA

If you are looking for a challenging position creating innovative new decision support applications for business-critical and mission-critical situations then join our small, fast-paced RCS team!

  • SUPERVISOR:  William Elm
  • SALARY RANGE:  Competitive
  • LOCATION:  Pittsburgh, PA
  • CITIZENSHIP:  U.S. Citizenship Required


Cognitive Systems Engineers (CSE) work with interdisciplinary CSE teams to create the concepts and detailed designs for revolutionary information systems.  The CSE team is dedicated to providing principle-driven design of human-machine systems with the central focus being creating effective systems that embed user expertise and support decision making. CSEs are responsible for the interface designs as well as the comprehensive cognitive work analysis that informs those designs. Our CSEs also work closely with our talented group of software developers, providing design concepts, representational designs, and functionality requirements as guidance for their system development effort.


  • Perform cognitive task analysis effort to provide critical analytical basis for subsequent design
  • Creating and prototyping innovative and useful GUI designs for these complex domains
  • Performing iterative evaluations of system prototypes, and operational evaluations of fielded decision support systems
  • Analyzing advanced visualizations for the underlying decision support being provided
  • Works as part of a multidisciplinary team, under the supervision of senior and principal cognitive systems engineers
  • Communicate directly with customers and subject matter experts


  • BS, MS, or PhD in Industrial Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, related field or equivalent experience
  • 3 years experience analyzing, designing, and evaluating Decision Support Systems
  • Substantial knowledge / training in Cognitive Engineering and human-machine interfaces (HMI)
    • Knowledge of state-of-the-art research in these areas
    • Publications in these areas highly desirable
  • Excellent analytic, problem definition and problem solving skills
    • Ability to analyze a problem domain and to distill core decision-making processes and challenges; often from rich, semi-articulated problem domains
    • Ability to identify and adapt applicable technologies found in academic and industrial research
    • Ability to create/invent innovative HMI approaches and to design them into successful decision-support solutions
  • Excellent communication skills

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