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San Francisco

About Us:

PlanGrid transforms the way buildings get built. We’re shaking up the trillion dollar construction industry by creating the world’s first mobile construction collaboration app. PlanGrid replaces the headache of stacks of paper, costly mistakes and coordination nightmares with simple, beautiful tablet and smartphone solutions. More than 40 million blueprints are stored in our cloud, and our customers are adding 4,000 new projects every week. PlanGrid is used on high-profile projects like SFMOMA, Levis Stadium, and CPMC Hospital on Van Ness. Learn more about PlanGrid.

At PlanGrid, design is our competitive advantage, and it helps us win hearts (and business) around the globe. Join us in defining the future of construction.

About You:

You fight for the user. Where others see problems, you see opportunities to change people’s lives. You paint a vision of a better world, and inspire your organization to run there with you. 


  • 3+ years working with product teams to ship experiences users love
  • Distilling complicated problems into simple and elegant solutions
  • Designing for the whole user journey and considering every touchpoint along the way
  • Iterating, experimenting, and working in a fast-paced environment
  • Bringing together people with diverse experiences and ideas
  • Influencing others through storytelling, negotiation, and communication


  • Comfortable designing for multiple platforms: PlanGrid is on web, iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Strong visual intuition, with an understanding of composition, balance, symmetry, whitespace, and typography
  • Solid design process: build deep customer empathy, identify customer problems, come up with multiple solutions, evaluate ideas using prototypes and experiments, and work with engineers and QA to bring designs to life
  • Self-motivated, autonomous, and a master of navigating ambiguity; you set your own schedule and drive it forward
  • Understand technical constraints, and have the ability to clearly articulate ideas to product and engineering teams


  • The right design tool for the right task: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity
  • Mockup presentation tools: Wake, Zeplin, Invision
  • Modern prototyping tools: we use Framer, Pixate, Flinto, Form, Invision and Marvel, and power prototypes with real data
  • Bonus, but not required: experience with markup and CSS, CoffeeScript, version control tools like Git, ability to get in and kick the tires with Interface Builder
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